The Changing Face of Your Smile

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, we can change it. With dental veneers, you could smile like your favourite movie star, model, or influencer. Best of all, the procedure is easier than you may imagine.

Dental veneers are porcelain shells that cover your teeth. Once in position, nobody will know they’re there. They look completely natural, but each veneered tooth is perfect in terms of shape, colour, texture, and position — everything you could imagine from your dream smile.


Why You’ll Love Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a fantastic treatment option for anyone with cracked, chipped, misshapen, discoloured, or slightly misaligned teeth. Once we’ve added the fine coatings to your teeth, they’ll close up any small gaps.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of veneers, there are some health advantages. Chips and cracks in your teeth are entry points for the harmful bacteria that cause decay. Repairing damaged teeth with veneers provides extra protection against infection.

Your Veneer Journey

The journey to smile perfection is short. Usually, we’ll place veneers over two appointments.

The Consultation

Every new smile is carefully designed at Winchester House, utilising the latest digital dentistry technology. But every journey starts with a consultation. Here, we’ll check that dental veneers are right for you and assess the teeth receiving the makeover.

You could have veneers on a single tooth, or you may want to create a uniform appearance across your entire smile.


The Preparation

Every veneer we place is custom-made. Before the team in the lab can use their skilful mix of artistry and science to create the perfect veneer for your mouth, we’ll need to take impressions.

To accommodate the fine porcelain veneers, we’ll need to remove a small amount of enamel from the surface of your teeth. Doing this ensures your teeth are properly proportioned.


The Placement

Once your veneers are back from the lab, we can place them. This stage is straightforward. We’ll carefully align and bond the veneer into position, ensuring it’s perfectly straight and looks fantastic.


The Results

Now that we’ve placed your veneers, it’s over to you for the next step — to smile and look great.

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What Patients Say About Winchester House

Our services and treatments are consistently five-star rated. Read what our patients say about care at Winchester House.

Emma Tannahill

A great team of dentist, nurses and receptionist. Always very happy with the treatments and a very professional, friendly service. Thank you!

Cindy Cole

Amazing team, friendly and professional. I needed an emergency appointment which was given quickly. My procedure was carried out with the utmost care. I felt like nothing was too much trouble even though they were extremely busy. Thank you

Ellie Rees

10/10 from start to finish, I had composite bonding and never imagined my teeth would look as amazing as they do now! Thank you so much 🥰

Katrina Mumford

Absolutely fantastic service from day 1 of starting my invisalign journey at Winchester House Dental Practice Look forward to the finishing touches next week 😁 Highly recommend


Veneers at Winchester House

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