Smile Makeovers

Reimagine Your Smile

We know all about the sinking feeling many people experience when they see their less-than-satisfactory smile. If you have damaged, misshapen, discoloured, or even misplaced teeth, your confidence can take a knock. But all of this can change.

With SmileFast, you can redesign your smile completely. After a simple, minimally-invasive procedure, you’ll fall in love with the smile you once disliked.

SmileFast draws on ceramics and composites to reimagine, repair, and refresh your smile.


Smile Evolution

At Winchester House, we’re proud to offer SmileFast, a leading smile transformation treatment. SmileFast offers every possibility, from minor enhancement to a complete smile makeover.

SmileFast’s results are predictable and efficient. We use the latest digital technologies to ensure the procedure is quick and conveniently priced.

SmileFast features ceramic veneers and composite resin, which dramatically enhance your teeth. Ceramic veneers are like fine shells that coat your teeth. Composite bonding uses sculpted resin applied directly to your teeth.

The SmileFast Process

The SmileFast process is carefully designed to give you the exact result you’re expecting — this is because you can “test drive” your new smile; see how it fits before you commit!


Smile Design

After an initial assessment, where we identify the problems you’d like to tackle, we’ll use innovative software to show you how your new smile could look.

During this assessment phase, we’ll take digital impressions of your smile. We’ll use this digital data to create the perfect smile design.


Smile Trial

Next, you’ll get to try out your new smile. We’ll place a trial version of your new smile over your existing smile.

Not convinced? We can make any necessary tweaks until we get it right.


Making Smiles

Finally, we’ll make your dream smile a reality. In just one sitting, we’ll perform the procedure that changes your smile forever.


The Benefits of SmileFast

A SmileFast smile makeover is a fast and effective way to make lasting, life-enhancing changes to the appearance of your teeth. There are several benefits to having a digitally designed smile, including:

  • We can adjust the customisable process to suit your needs
  • The results are exact and reliable
  • You get to see your smile before we begin
  • Your new smile is affordable
  • The treatment is quick, pain-free and minimally invasive
60 reviews

What Patients Say About Winchester House

Our services and treatments are consistently five-star rated. Read what our patients say about care at Winchester House.

Carol peett

I had an implant done here by an excellent dentist who comes down from London once a month to do these. He was brilliant – extremely patient, explained everything thoroughly, superb injections that didn’t hurt at all and emailed me to ensure all was okay throughout the on-going process. Cannot recommend highly enough

Mike Jackson

Great practice. Needed an urgent appointment while on holiday. Friendly front desk accommodated me and dentist very helpful. Modern and comfortable. If I lived in the area I’d try and ensure I was registered here.

Jane Daters

Fantastic team and service. Daughter had to have tooth removed and was naturally concerned. Dentist and colleague put her at ease and extracted the tooth quickly whilst keeping her calm. Can’t rate highly enough.

Emma Tannahill

A great team of dentist, nurses and receptionist. Always very happy with the treatments and a very professional, friendly service. Thank you!


SmileFast at Winchester House

With SmileFast available right here in Narberth, there’s no need to travel far and wide to find a life-changing smile makeover. Get in touch today to learn more about the process and schedule your consultation.