Modern Denture Design

Decay, trauma, infection, and a lifetime of use are some of the reasons our teeth fail. When they’re gone, it can affect confidence and your ability to eat, smile, talk, and even laugh.

Dentures are often the easiest, most cost-effective way to regain your smile and dental function if you’ve lost several teeth. However, the words “false teeth” might not fill you with hope.

Thankfully, the days of loose-fitting dentures are gone. At Winchester House, we’re proud to herald in using new digital technology that builds on traditional dental techniques. Our custom-made dentures are a leap forward in design, production, comfort, and quality. Replacing your lost teeth has never been easier.


The 3D-Printed Denture Process

By digitising the entire denture production process, we can deliver precision performance. Not only does 3D printing improve the quality of your dentures, the entire process is more efficient, meaning you get your new smile quicker.

Your replacement teeth will look just like the real thing. Due to the manufacturing process, they’ll fit well, too, so you can enjoy your favourite meal without worry.

We’ll start by taking digital scans of your mouth. There’s no putty, and the process is straightforward and discomfort-free. We’ll then use these digital images to create outstanding dentures.

Because our dentures use the latest 3D printing technology, you won’t need to wait long to get your new teeth.


The Benefits of 3D-Printed Dentures

Whether you’re new to wearing dentures or you need to replace a worn or ill-fitting set, there are many benefits to our dentures.

  • Precise production – From digital scan to printer, the chance of error is completely eliminated. Your custom dentures will fit perfectly.
  • Realistic appearance – Your smile will look divine. Our dentures look completely natural and are indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Versatile replacement – Whether you’ve lost all or just some of your teeth, we can make full and partial dentures
  • All-round confidence boost – Once you’ve got your new teeth, you’ll feel good about smiling, eating, talking, and laughing again.
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What Patients Say About Winchester House

Our services and treatments are consistently five-star rated. Read what our patients say about care at Winchester House.

Jane Morgan

Amazing service, so friendly and very caring. Have restored my faith in dentist again. Thank-you so much.

Katrina Mumford

Absolutely fantastic service from day 1 of starting my invisalign journey at Winchester House Dental Practice Look forward to the finishing touches next week 😁 Highly recommend

Carol peett

I had an implant done here by an excellent dentist who comes down from London once a month to do these. He was brilliant – extremely patient, explained everything thoroughly, superb injections that didn’t hurt at all and emailed me to ensure all was okay throughout the on-going process. Cannot recommend highly enough

Charlene Morris

Highly recommend. As someone who is absolutely petrified of the dentist, I was constantly reassured. The staff here are absolutely amazing at what they do.


Dentures at Winchester House

Losing teeth doesn’t mean it’s the end for your smile. With our bespoke dentures, you can enjoy life to the fullest again. Call our friendly team to arrange your denture appointment today.