Smooth Away the Signs
of Ageing

Collecting life’s joyful experiences doesn’t have to come at the expense of youthful looks. The signs of ageing often creep up on us, but wrinkles are often an uncomfortable reminder of the brevity of life. If those signs are showing earlier than expected, it can often cause upset and confidence issues.

Our faces are home to lots of small muscles. These muscles control our facial expressions and offer a wealth of combinations for communicating our feelings with those around us.

But we sometimes hold certain facial expressions in position longer than others. This results in those muscles becoming tense. Over time, unwanted wrinkles and creases may form in these areas.

Botox is a non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatment that’s very effective at smoothing out your wrinkles, winding back the clock to a more youthful-looking you as it does so.


What Is Botox?

Botox is a brand name for an injectable anti-wrinkle treatment. It’s popular among clinicians and patients all over the world. The treatment uses Botulinum-A Toxin. When injected into a specific targeted area, the neurotoxic proteins in the anti-wrinkle treatment loosen the muscles, smoothing out any wrinkles in that area.

Alongside its aesthetic benefits, Botulinum-A Toxin has been used in medicine for a long time including treating cerebral palsy, strokes, and migraines.

The word “toxin” may cause you to worry about the safety of Botox. The great news is that it’s perfectly safe. We only require tiny doses to provide outstanding results. Not only that, but all the treatments we provide are performed by skilled, trained, and registered clinicians.

The Botox Treatment


Before treatment, we’ll always invite you for a consultation to discuss the areas you’d like us to address. It’s important that we provide you with the right treatment, so we’ll assess the potential treatment areas. This helps us plan your treatment, working out exactly where to target the Botox along with the size of the dose.

Our skilled clinician has a deep understanding of facial anatomy. This allows us to ensure we get the best results through precision treatment. Once we’ve planned your treatment, we’ll begin.

The injection process is brief and is handled with care and precision. As the Botox starts to work, deep lines and wrinkles will gradually fade away.


Your anti-wrinkle treatments will take a few days to take effect, and you should see the full natural-looking changes after around two weeks.

There’s no downtime following your treatment. As long as you don’t have anything too strenuous planned, you can enjoy your normal routine with minimal disruption.

We’d recommend avoiding taking painkillers or lying down immediately after the treatment, and shouldn’t wear makeup for that first day. However, aside from the potential for some soreness and mild flu-like symptoms, Botox recovery is straightforward.


You’re In Safe Hands

Although the Botox treatment is short, we won’t rush you. Your experience is important to us, and we want you to love the results and feel at ease while we’re achieving them.

All facial aesthetics treatments involve a careful balance of clinical excellence and artistry. We take pride in everything we do, and believe that attention to detail is key.

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Absolutely fantastic service from day 1 of starting my invisalign journey at Winchester House Dental Practice Look forward to the finishing touches next week 😁 Highly recommend

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I would like to thank the dentist for going above and beyond. He was so professional and caring a true hero.

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10/10 from start to finish, I had composite bonding and never imagined my teeth would look as amazing as they do now! Thank you so much 🥰

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A great team of dentist, nurses and receptionist. Always very happy with the treatments and a very professional, friendly service. Thank you!


Botox In Pembrokeshire

At Narberth’s Winchester House, we restore confidence while reversing the signs of ageing. Using Botox, we’ll gently erase unwelcome wrinkles and creases and leave you looking and feeling amazing. Call today to arrange your Botox consultation.